The future of project management in the IT industry

Project management trends & best practices are constantly evolving, especially so in the IT Industry.

We feel the following things will shake up the IT Project Management consulting industry in the near future:

  1. Most desired skill for new project managers will be their emotional intelligence- Project managers will be hired based on personality assessment tests and their soft skills will be one of the most sought after quality that recruiters will look for. Emotional intelligence means not letting emotions dictate logic and the IT Industry has been lagging good human resources in this regard. This industry is going to face difficulties in finding emotionally mature candidates.

  2. Agile project management to gain acceptance outside software development- Though project management is mostly used in the software development realm, its usage has recently found value in other areas as well. Agile project management has slowly made its way into UX/UI design, food development, and construction management to name a few.

  3. Non-traditional collaboration tools to take over traditional project management tools- There is a gradual shift towards team collaboration based software tools. According to Gartner, change management is the new “in thing”. Project management for IT industry doesn’t specifically require these tools and incorporating such sudden change in team work dynamic will need strong change management skills from the lead project manager on any account.

  4. Project management certification will lose its significance- The charm of project management is not everlasting. The value of the certification is losing its effects with time. Companies are no longer looking for PMPs; they are rather looking for project managers with a great deal of hands on experience and effective implementation examples from their past.