How Project consulting services can be made more efficient with Agile Project Management

Agile project management is a type of iterative approach of managing software development projects. It primarily focuses on continuous releases over a fixed interval of time and incorporating customer feedback with every new release.


  1. Superior product quality: Testing is an integral part of agile development. There are regular checkups to see if the product is working as it is supposed to during the developmental process. It enables the product owner to make the necessary changes and if there is any issue, it makes the team aware of it.
  2. Superior customer satisfaction: Keeping customers engaged at every stage of product development leads to bonding and superior customer satisfaction. It makes the developmental process highly flexible and visible.
  3. Superior project control: Sprint meetings and transparency enable improved control over the project.

  4. Reduced Risk: It eliminates the chance of absolute project failure. Since the project works in iterations, revenue generation starts early and then stepwise investment. It gives the freedom to make necessary changes when and where needed and actually provides value with each iteration.

  5. Faster Return on Investment: Since project development starts early and works in iterations, clients can choose what features they want and according to that, the steps can be adjusted. In a large business, long delivery cycles are often a problem and it solves that to a very large extent. Earnings and profits start rolling in early.


  1. Knowledge Transfer: We offer real time training solutions that are specific for each team as well as crafted specifically for your needs. Be its leadership, team or role based agile training, our expansive course and custom classes will surely fulfill your needs.
  2. Capability development: Coaches work with teams and in turn, they get to learn new concepts like release planning, sprint planning, backlog management etc. and practice in real time. Hands on support and skill gaps are addressed in real life.
  3. Advisory services: It is important to recognize the organization’s ability and willingness to practice agile methodology and provide support wherever needed. We create for you a realistic roadmap that you can follow which is not only based on market research for also address potential challenges that you will face following the path. With input from employees and executives, custom made transformation plan is crafted for your organization.
  4. Asset development: At the end to successfully apply agile practices, organizations have to self-sufficient. Progile Tech, providing project consulting services, partners with your organization to develop internal assets like coaching programs, standard methods and technical practices. We work closely with you to understand your current framework, procedures, hindrances and determine which agile method will best work for your organization.

Agile transformation is a long term commitment and we provide you a roadmap customized according to your organization. We help you identify key stakeholders, set transformation goals, develop pilot teams etc. in combination with all our other world class services.


Change is hard in the beginning, tolerable in the middle and rewarding in the end. Like every transformation, changing to Agile methodology also presents various challenges like structural changes, cultural shift, role changes, governance changes, HR policies changes etc.

The top challenges are:

  1. Lack of commitment: Agile transformation affects large numbers of people in an organization. An effective working relationship is required at all levels, be it an employee or executive to implement the method successfully. The politics and boundaries of communication at the executive level results in the lack of involvement. The project starts out initially with a lot of enthusiasm, but then it falls gradually. Executives have the responsibility to lead the employees and stay committed and ultimately achieve the desired results.
  2. Culture: Every organization has its own hierarchy, but it basically comes down to the top executives taking all the decisions and the ones on the lower shrug have no say in it whatsoever. In such conditions, agile methodology requires a lot more training and coaching. Management techniques are required to introduce agile processes based on the organization’s maturity to handle change.

  3. Technical Excellence: Agile methodology is very much based on technical knowhow. It includes software and programs which make the processes faster and improve the quality of services. Most of the times these are neglected seeing as a waste of resources. Daily technical meetings need to be held to improve the working.


For a successful agile transformation some basic steps need to be followed:

You need to have a strategy

  1. Structure: You need a plan to develop a team consisting not only of scrum members, but also program, portfolio, product owner teams etc. to do agile on a large scale.

  2. Governance: Proper distribution of work and seeing that it is being done effectively on time. Ensuring that all the employees work together as one.

  3. Metrics: Business is based on profit. So metrics must be defined to know how much progress you are making.

Leading the Transformation

  1. Forming teams: Training the skilled people, the agile processes so that the transformation is smooth and successful. Conducting real time projects and workshops.

  2. Coaching teams: Progile Tech will coach teams for you according to your needs so that you get the optimum results.

  3. The leader walks alone: Coaches won’t be there forever. You have to adapt to the change and assess yourself accordingly. Self-assessment is very necessary.

Tools are required to run projects. Progile Tech will provide you templates, articles and computer based training so that you can be good on your own.

Targeted coaching each specifically handcrafted for specific teams by us enable a sustained progress.

So this is why you should adopt Agile methodology.

Why choose Progile Tech?

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