5 tips for completing your project before the deadline

One thing that is constantly on a project manager’s mind is completing the project on time. It not only benefits the stakeholders, but creates a sense of achievement for the Project Manager. In addition, on-time delivery often leads to handling more challenging and complex projects.

Here are some basic tips for improving your productivity and completing your project before the deadline:

  • Know your team

Your team is what will make the project on paper turn into a reality. If a choice is given, pick your team members carefully and strategically. Utilize the strengths of the team members, but also know their weakness so that you can put more effort into those areas. It is important to know your team members on a personal level to rapport and establish credibility.

  • Set bite-size goals

There is a reason why donut holes are so loveable, they are bite size. Before you know it, you’ve eaten them all. Your project goals or deliverables should be set up that way as well. If you present before your team the single goal of accomplishing a huge project with a single deadline, chances are they will lack motivation. You definitely don’t want a situation like that. So break your project into small achievable parts and set individual deadlines for each one of them. This keeps your team members motivated, energetic, accountable.

  • Collaborate and Communicate

Don’t just send out long emails asking team members to complete tasks and suggest changes. Instead, hold team meetings often, discuss your problems. Appreciate your team members if they have done a good job. Hangout with your team members and promote friendly environment. If you see there are resources available that can fast track your workflow, collaborate with them. Make the whole process less official and more casual but don’t let things go out of control either.

  • No-one is perfect

You can’t keep microscopic precision on every part of a project. If it is a huge project, then it is practically impossible to do so. Don’t stress out or snap on your team if they mess up. Try to keep calm and rectify the problem. Having a peace of mind is very important to complete your project on time. Have a Plan B

Things might go wrong. You might have to start from scratch again. So always have a contingency plan. It will not only save you time, but you can think up various ways to achieve your goal. Keep things in your control.

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