When You’re Hiring To Fill A Specialized Project Management Consultant Role…

You Want A Recruiter Who’s Been A Project Manager

Our clients are technology companies, top-tier retail, and gaming businesses. We serve premium clients who sell high-end products and services. They tend to be enterprise-level companies, with revenue of $2-4 billion, and 1000-5000 employees. Based in San Jose, CA we are currently serving clients in San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, GA.

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You’re A Hiring Manager Responsible For Filling A Niche PM Role

You’re tasked with hiring a technical or project management consultant with specific domain expertise. It could be complex software development, enabling business applications, or implementing cloud infrastructure. You’re busy and want premium quality candidates over quantity. Ideally, you’d engage an industry advisor, almost like a “white-glove service” consulting and staffing firm. It’s frustrating working with firms that provide unqualified candidates.

You Need To Solve Specific Project Management Problems…

Critical To Your Success And The Success Of The Project

Project Manager requirements can make or break your project. Making the right hire isn’t a casual affair. A bad hire can mean a late start, failing to gain momentum, a crash and burn. Even worse, it can mean you, your team, and the project team end up doing long days running to catch up. Our staffing company solves the following kinds of problems for clients.

As a hiring manager, your secret nightmare is your reputation being destroyed by a bad hire. You’re experienced enough to know what happens when a project fails. High burn rate, no results, waste of money, major consequences to the business—these are the thoughts that haunt your nights. Careers don’t survive projects like this.

You waste 40-60 hours of precious time in a marginally productive hiring process. It burns time to get budget approval, write a job description, and disperse it to agencies. With a packed schedule like yours, a month is consumed simply getting started. Then, the real schedule-wrecker commences—you’re coordinating multiple vendors, and interviewing unqualified candidates.

The quality of candidates is so low, you wonder if the recruiter is even awake. Their primary selection criterion seems to be, “Is the candidate breathing?” It’s obvious the recruiter doesn’t understand your business or the fine points of the job requirements. Worst of all, they don’t understand the subtleties of the specialty role you must fill.

You need highly specific hard-to-find specialists with a complex combination of skills and experience. Your position demands a rare blend of industry knowledge, domain knowledge, and technology knowledge. The average candidate is no candidate for your job.

You can’t afford the time to babysit a new hire. You can’t deal with the additional nightmare of a project management consultant sucking up your time. There’s nothing worse than taking several months to hire a consultant then finding that they’re costing you time. Yikes! Helplessly watching the project slide into oblivion is a career ender.

Project management is less about the project and more about the people. Business sponsors are people, IT sponsors are people, developers are people. Projects are made up of people.”

Jagan Deb

CEO of Progile Tech

These Are The Kinds Of Solutions We Provide Our Clients

Here’s What You Can Expect When Working With Us

There are literally thousands of IT recruiting companies battling to fill job requisitions for clients. It’s hard for busy hiring managers to do their own jobs, let alone select a recruiting company. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your project management needs.

We can state unequivocally that hiring our candidates enhances your reputation. 
Why are we so confident in that statement? Because our track record proves it. Our clients consistently recommend us to other companies as the best source of project management consultants. When you, the hiring manager, don’t have needed expertise or bandwidth in-house, we make you look good.

Your hiring timeframe can be telescoped into as short as a week from start to on-boarding. That’s aggressive! Sound unbelievable? We use a structured selection process that’s so targeted and efficient, it ensures your time isn’t wasted. To start off, as project management practitioners, we dig deeply into the job description with you. We worm out all the subtleties of the job that only a project manager would know to ask. Our full selection process is detailed here.

The high quality of our specifically-targeted candidates makes your hiring decision easy. When you sit down with one of our candidates, they radiate competence. You feel confident they’re familiar with the unknown unknowns. “Fits like a glove”, comes to mind. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing they’re tops in their specialty and can lead the team to success.

You get hard-to-find specialists with the highly specific skills and experience you need. Because we maintain a nationwide network of top qualified project manager candidates, you get the cream of the crop. Our special focus on project manager and project team talent means we’re not distracted by irrelevancies.

Your new hire takes the burden off you, and operates as a functional peer. They take high-speed ownership of your project, requiring minimal and efficient conferences with you. Your own job demands get your full attention, and your personal results aren’t impacted. You’re impressed at the professionalism of the project management consultant.

Where To Next?

Now you have an idea about the kinds of companies we work with, their problems and the solutions we provide. To learn more details about working with us, click on Need To Hire.