As a boutique Project Management Consulting, Staffing and Recruitment Agencies in the Silicon Valley, Progile seeks to provide solutions to clients' strategic and tactical project management needs. Starting from scoping an entire IT Project to backfilling existing roles, clients rely on us for quality and speed. Our goal is find the best IT Staff for your short or long term projects. If you are looking for a reliable IT Staff Augmentation partner, contact us


On average, it takes 60-80 hours of hiring manager's dedication for a single hire. Another 3 to 4 months is needed for full ramp up. Hiring is costly and we understand the consequences of hiring the wrong people. As a result, we ensure all our consultants will have the following traits.


Right Experience Level

We take a 360 degree assessment of your requirement before suggesting a solution. As a result, hiring managers spend less time with interviews and on-going oversight.

Right Cultural Fit

Often organizational culture can cause turnovers. In addition to ensuring right experince level, we take a pulse on the organization's culture and ensure the right consultant is proposed. 

Right Level of Interdependency

Work place dynamics, being able to collaborate, logical thinker, and ability to execute are few of the personality traits we check on. 

IT Project Management Consultants

Project managers with expertise in managing small to large scale IT projects. Consultants who've held Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Director, or other project management consulting or FTE roles in the past.

Enterprise Resource Planning

PMO Consultants And Directors

Project management professionals with expertise in setting up PMOs, Portfolios, and Project Management Governance. Individuals who've held PMO directors, Portfolio managers roles with midsize to large organizations.

PMO And Project Management Framework

Scrum Masters And Others

Agile Coaches, Certified Scrum Masters. Consultants who function well in Agile framework, ability to manage multiple teams, and deliver projects on time. Coaches who've transition organizations from waterfall to agile. 

SCRUM Master

Project Management Staffing 

If you are starting a new project and need a specific project manager with niche skills, we can help. 


Building A New Team

If you are looking for a Managed Service Partner (MSP) for your unique project, we can put a team together and run it for you. 

Other Roles

If you are backfilling an existing role or need to add someone permanantely to your team, you can rely on us.